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Creedmoor ATC SRh offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Queens Village, NY

Creedmoor ATC SRh is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Creedmoor ATC SRh, you may contact their Queens Village offices via phone at 718-264-3743.

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dood dood

2019-08-02 19:25:42 via Google

okay so i myself have never been here but i was reading reviews and there are some questions and arguments that need to be answered and resolved. 1) the main building is not abandoned but i do believe there is a part of the establishment that they did have to shut down in the 80s. i can’t remember why but it was for sure closed. basically, people can still undergo psychiatric treatment at the creedmoor facility. 2) if you have an issue with the facility, thats a you problem. i assure you that you have not been living in the area since before 1912, when creedmoor first became accessible to the public. you have 2 options. you can suck it up or you can move. i highly doubt that they’ll pack up and move the whole facility with all of the patients just because you have an issue.

Oliver Night

2018-12-20 15:13:44 via Google

Creedmor has it's up and downsides, but it's necessary. We need more mental health facilities in this country, not less. To all you people complaining about this place being in your neighborhood, that place has been a psych hospital since the early 1900's. The mentally ill need to be cared for, and that's where we do it in NYC. They didn't move next to you, you moved next to them. You don't like it? Go somewhere Fing else! Or better yet, leave my city entirely! There's too many classless POS' here as is!

Cheryl H.

2016-02-27 19:54:19 via Google

Someone I love is at this facility at the moment. It is not a creepy place at all. There is lots of security, vending machines, activities, groups and the guards are pretty great in general. Very compassionate. Twice when I began breaking down because of my loved one they briefly counseled me on what was going on and that I needed to pull myself together. I forget that my loved one is in a psychiatric facility because I love him so much. But he needs to be cared for.

Cathleen Merenda

2015-08-25 13:57:38 via Google

I visited a friend here yesterday and it went well. There is lots of parking. The security staff is thorough and kind. You have to lock up your belongings, right next to the security station, it's not a big deal. You get a name tag with your picture on it, go up on an elevator to the ward. There you ring a bell and a staff member opens the door and takes you to the lounge to wait for your friend or family member. There were others in the lounge visiting and sharing a meal. The staff person who had me sign in as a visitor was lovely. Probably like many New Yorker's who pass this building often, I was nervous about visiting. But it was really fine, quite clean and well tended, staff helpful and nice, and you can imagine my friend was very happy for the company.

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